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 The cheaters are back... "hakan"

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PostSubject: The cheaters are back... "hakan"   Tue Jul 14, 2009 2:15 pm

Yesterday I told woot, the cheating noobs are back. Since the new ng came out, I didn't see them. Now they are back. More than ever. I guess something new is available for download somewhere... Here is one example:

mediafire.com ?sharekey=d92091ee7a494fd5d6baebe61b361f7c259691644ec3f062ce018c8114394287

Nice sample of af and wh, it was on H$ public, antibot enabled...

2 af frags without any aim. Watch in slow motion.

I guess such a noob don't know how to frag the portal campers Smile

Watch with shownormals. He can see the one in the dungeon, and immediately changes direction, jumps down, and up again.

Nice shot on a frozen body

I know its too short, but its just an example. I don't care about this nub.


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PostSubject: Re: The cheaters are back... "hakan"   Fri Jul 17, 2009 7:28 am

I wish the demo would have been longer Laughing
'twas funny
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The cheaters are back... "hakan"
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